About us

“Ikar Ltd” company has been producing parts for automotive industry since 1995.

“Ikar Ltd” is a producer and supplier of different component parts for OJSC KAMAZ, GAZ Group, OJSC Sollers incl. UAZ, Sollers-Elabuga, Sollers-Naberezhnye Chelny.

Today the range of “Ikar Ltd” products include:
• Steering wheels
• Armrests, handles, headrests
• Instrument panels (with pre-assembled electronic equipment)
• Moulded interior trim (door lining, roof panels, etc.)
• Composite rubber-metal moulded parts
• Rubber compounds
• 3D stickers and technology stickers 

The company"s Design and technology department use state of the art software in every stage of development, from initial product and process design, through prototype testing and preproduction and full manufacture. 

The Mechanical Division undertakes metal milling, bending, heat treatment and welding works to sustain metal inserts and steering wheel frames production. The company produces both welded frame, and cast aluminum steering wheels.

The company’s facilities have the following production capacity:

Products                         Production rate per month
Steering wheels                             35 000
Instrument panels                           5 000
Moulded interior trim                       8 000
Handles, armrests                         20 000
Headrests                                      30 000
Rubber-metal parts                        40 000
Rubber compounds                         40 ton

The PU (Polyurethane foam) division is equipped with HK-270 and Baseline type Hennecke high pressure machines. For the steering wheels production special configuration 6-head HK-270 machine is used. The steering wheel moulds are placed into individual compartments with induced ventilation. For the purpose of coloured steering wheels production IMC (In-Moulding-Coating) technology is applied. 6-head HK-270 machine and 2-head Baseline machine work together, therefore it is possible to produce the steering wheels and other items of 2 different integral polyurethane systems simultaneously. In the production process Bayer and Dow polyurethane systems, ACMOS mold release lubricants and ISL colouring systems based on IMC technology are being used.

Bayer integral polyurethane systems used comply with the European climate test AK LV 10(http://www.ikar-kazan.ru/ru/1231752124http://www.ikar-kazan.ru/ru/1231751906), ensuring the steering wheels operational integrity in harsh tropical and Arctic climatic conditions.

FANUC robots are used in the instrument and lining panels production. The robot, which moves the mixing head of the HK-270 high pressure machine upon a preset trajectory, performs molding of polyurethane into an open mould. Thus, the product-to-product reproducibility and high quality is ensured.

At the moment in the instrumental and lining panels’ production process two different methods of forming textured surfaces are applied, i.e. hot shaping of Benecke-Kaliko pore structure monolith PVC film and spraying of the Skin-polyurethane following the textured matrix. Further in the process previously discussed Bayer integral polyurethane systems and ISL materials are being used.

Parts deburring is implemented by robotic BOHLER hydro-cutting machine. The parts are being placed onto rotary location blocks. For safety reasons hydro-cutting facility is installed in an isolated compartment. The process is a fully-automatic and runs under the operator’s control. 

The mentioned PU division facilities are networked, allowing the necessary monitoring of the whole production process. Hennecke machines are equipped with special modems for real-time data telemetry, which enables experts from Hennecke (Germany) to speedily identify failures and their causes and suggest sufficient correcting actions.

The Quality Management System of “Ikar Ltd” is certified to ISO 9001 international standard.

The contact information:

420034, Kazan, a/b 88
Tel/fax +7 (843) 562-01-02, 200-97-07
e-mail: info@ikar-kazan.ru

Shoshin Konstantin Leonidovich
Tel. +7 (843) 562-01-02, 200-97-07

Production deputy director:
Naumov Valery Juryevich
Tel. +7 (843)  562-01-02 add. 330

Deputy director for the general questions:
Povishev Alexey Nikolazevich
Tel. +7 (843)  562-01-02 add. 333
       +7 (965) 582-67-99

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